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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised that this film may contain images and voices of people who have died.

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Davian Budden: Hi, my name is Davian Budden and I am the acting sports and rec coordinator at Numbulwar community. What I do is one activity for the kids at school during recess and lunch break and after school activity like soccer, basketball or volleyball, Wii games, movies, discos and Auskick.At the moment, our oval is filled up with water, so we can’t run any activity at the oval. 

Man: The oval is filled with water. There is nowhere to train, nowhere to play football.

Davian Budden: Teaching the kids is really good, they make me laugh. It’s really good working with the kids.

Rudolph Wurragwagwa:: The kids love the sports n rec?

Davian Budden: All they do, every after school they come down. People tell us what they want and then we run the activity for them.

Rudolph Wurragwagwa:: What’s happening now?

Davian Budden: Ah, we heading over the school hall now, for basketball and soccer.

Russell Numamurdirdi: I like, I like my job, I like doing sports with the kids and the young people and the adults, plus the adults, and getting involved with the community.

Edmund Nundhirribala: (shouts out to players).

Rudolph Wurragwagwa: Thanks to sport n rec, we play games and do activities to help us keep our skills and stay strong with our future.


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